Preservation of architecture

As a group we have been progressing rapidly to regenerate and further possibilities of the site. To research this we have started to look at examples of this. To define areas that have also regenerated and preserved architecture in the UK and the rest of the world. Examples of architecture in Istanbul, Beirut, Fes and more in the UK are perfect examples of architecture that have been maintained in several years. Using these we identified how the cities and areas have gained from keeping these buildings and also how versatile they can be. The group identified several key factors across  each precedent, showing that the cultural and historical prestige of these buildings give more than shelter, they give an iconic hope and bring in more interest to the city. Taking from several areas has also helped identify keys to master planning concepts and designing spaces. To progress from here the group is going to use these areas identified to help their design and also with the catalogue. the precedent into the different type of architecture being preserved shows that to create an environment with the older buildings works more affectively with proven theory’s that have been shown in the precedent.

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