Meeting the council

As a group of architectural studies students we have managed to prove that we are more than just students and that we are capable of proposing a realistic and efficient design.  All of the group’s hard work has finally been appreciated with the exciting prospect of meeting the council’s head of conservation team this week.  For this meeting we have prepared a presentation showcasing the work we have done and hope to do in the hopes that the conservation team will consider our proposal. This meeting is a big step for our group, it will give us the chance to interact with the people that really matter in terms of realizing our scheme. Maybe it could be the initial step into our plans actually being considered later. What it will definitely do is provide us with invaluable experience that will only help us in our future careers.

The council meeting is to be held in a formal capacity and will be a very proud occasion. The realistic outcome of this project has driven all of us to do better, it has also made us strive to become more professional in our approach to work. The nature of the project means that we have encountered problems that we have not seen in previous projects. The use of each building we design will be individual to it’s needs but the complete regeneration project will show the council that we can design an urban environment to revitalise the area and bring back the prestige of the city. The possibilities will be endless and there will be more to come on the blog for everyone to see.


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