The Site through my eyes By Lady Yvonne

Working on this project has really opened my eyes realise the potential of the places around Leicester that I walk through every day. Before starting this project, walking through millstone lane and Greyfriars wouldn’t have meant anything… just probably walking from university to get to town, as you do, and because there is literally one main crossing route, at peak times, it gets very congested and as Leicester has a one way system in place, the traffic flow is manic.

With the amount of people passing through the site, be it by foot of via transport, it is a very popular place to walk through with the intention of walking to town or getting to the closest transport links; the site has an incredible amount of potential that be portrayed through site development.

We definitely don’t need another large chain hotel or student accommodation in this area, Leicester is definitely over-prescribed with these. It may seem like and easy way out of developing the old bus station area, however, is that really what the town needs?

Leicester needs an Ego boost, some sort of unique selling point; something that would make somebody who is not from Leicester or the midlands to actually want to visit the town. Of course, yes we have Europe’s favourite market just five minutes from site and King Richard III was found within the site – but we need something more; something that will appeal to all types of people, nationally and globally.

Currently the site is filled with residential buildings, offices, pubs and a few retail outlets. Car parking space seems to be really popular in even the smallest of gaps. Walking on new street was felt so dangerous as I had to continuously watch my back in case a car came out from nowhere. These kinds of things can all be avoided. In such a lovely area with the potential to be like Chelsea, London, why should it be degraded to such?

The idea of creating a mixed use development area with intertwining features  (including office and residential spaces) sounds so much more relevant.

We’ve had many ideas for this area; ranging from Vintage and couture retail stores to international restaurants. It is more than just your regular costa. This area can potentially be your Saville row of Leicester, or your local high street Kensington. With this said, it will give Leicester the likability factor of the Midlands, make neighboring towns and cities jealous; bring more money into the local economy and create better links between the town we know now and the town on the other side of town.

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