What our aims are for the Greyfriars area By Kyle Francis

Seeing the site as it is now does not lend much architecturally or socially to the vibrant and diverse culture of Leicester’s main city centre. Instead, it separates two focal points of Leicester’s social and commercial heart; sitting at the cross between DMU and Highcross City Centre. Greyfriars now does not link the areas or even compliment them with any shops geared at generating money into the City. The common theme of recurring solicitor offices in the area is actually pretty depressing and all too formal I feel.  In turn, we as a group have seen potential in the future development of the site. We see a mixture of shops, restaurants, small businesses, office space, nurseries and residence as the formula in reviving this part of Leicester.


Through the next step in our exciting project we want to depict a concept that we think will sit handsomely with the taste of most people in Leicester. This city as everybody knows is one of the most culturally diverse in the UK and adds tremendously to the city’s appeal. Thus, we see a market in using this asset to the City’s financial benefit. A major concept that we feel strong on is Food and Culture. We visage an area mainly dedicated to the art and power of food. Food as a social connector, food as a focal business model, food as a commercial attraction. A vision we see is a place to show off and highlight the many different delicatessens of all cultures prominent in Leicester. You could say food as a cultural “mixing pot”, literally.


If you imagine the hype and hysteria when Leicester showcases it’s Continental Markets in the City Centre condensed into a more structured and business driven environment on a daily basis. We believe this would reap financial gain to Leicester’s economy. Lets be honest everyone loves food and most people love to try new things. We would love to see bespoke, independent restaurants ranging from Malaysian to Jamaican cuisine and every other culture in between. These restaurants we imagine will be high quality; in its architecture, in its service and in its food. The idea of the area being dedicated to food brings forth many possibilities for the other shops in the area. Possibly a bookshop that specialises in recipe and cookbooks, kitchenware stores with a high brand appeal like pogghen pohl maybe and shops that offer cooking classes and many more.


We also want to reintroduce families back into the heart of Leicester. By incorporating nurseries and blocks of residence this will ensure that these families can take their kids to school in a friendly and local vicinity without the use of cars or public transport. Important to be said we do not want to recreate Greyfriars’ architectural image, on the other hand we do want to provide a business model and give the area a new and interesting identity to the people of Leicester.


All in all, in this next stage we are to embark on in regenerating the Greyfriars area we will surely uncover endless potential and options that we will keep our readers updated with.

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