Site Analysis By Edelin Johanna

HI. Today I will be writing on the site analysis of our site…or at least I’m supposed to. But let me first enlighten you with my thoughts on the project so far.  The first thing that comes to mind, is of course to congratulate my fellow teammates on the awesome job we have done. The 3D model is looking fabulous, if I may say so myself. *pats everyone on the back * Secondly, revising on the question that was asked last week on whether doing this model has had any affect on our appreciation towards historical type of buildings…I can definitely say now that, yes it did – in a BIG way. I now find myself noticing more on the intricate details of any buildings I set my eyes on.  From the repetitive pattern of windows across a wall to the delicate stone carvings that adorns a doorway. And it made me see that the littlest detail in the design of a building makes a lot of difference to the whole design, and it is these little details that make the building what it is.  Thirdly, of all the projects we were told to do, for some reason this, to me seems like the most interesting one. Probably cause it is the realest and most logical project. And I can honestly say I am learning a lot from this project on what an architect in practise might actually do.


Right ok so enough with the little snippets of my thoughts…on to the site analysis.  The Greyfiars area in terms of location is a pretty strategic one. It sits in between the town centre and most part of Leicester, including the De Montfort University campus. In a way it sort of works as a link for people to get to the town centre, especially students.  The two main routes that are being used by pedestrians as links are: Southgates which sits along the site, leading straight to Highcross Shopping Centre; and Friars Lade which goes right through the site and leads to the town centre. These links would be an essential key point when devising a masterplan for the regeneration.  In terms of use of site as it is now, most of the buildings in the site are being used as office spaces. The rest of the buildings are being used as student accommodations and small retail and bars/cafes.  In two parts of the site, huge open spaces are being used as car park.  These open spaces could be an advantage to us in developing our ideas later on. Vehicle traffic can be heavy on the roads surrounding the site, such as on Vaughan way as well as Peacock Lane. However, traffic throughout the site is not that heavy, giving a safer environment for pedestrians.

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