My first impressions of the site. By Harvinder Sogi

When I went to visit the site for the first time I was very familiar with it from a distance, having walked past it on a daily basis never really taking any interest in looking in further. Never realising how the style of architecture differed from the rest of city. I felt it was left out and had lost complete touch with developments of the city center and new buildings at the university having been complete. It was only on the day my colleagues, tutor and myself walked around the site I found it to be a slight bit more interesting with buildings contrasting the city center and De Montford University architecture. I felt that the site compared to the other two immediate areas (university site and city center) was quite dead and dull with a limited number of people using the various intersecting walkways, roads and the site in general. I found that it was again very different as it was only really used by professionals rather than students that fill that part of Leicester itself. I felt there was a-lot of potential when told about re developing it and immediately thought of Savile Row and Bespoke Shops to add into the area that I thought would compliment the Victorian and Georgian Architecture along with the architectural detailing.  I found that having observed and re visited the site numerous times the people walking along the streets did not take much interest into the style of architecture, which may be due to the fact that there is not a focal point or a building that stands out. It is much more the fact that the buildings themselves are dirty and very run down, forcing people to use alternative routes.                

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