Greyfriars By Francesco Di Spigna

After visiting the site and walking with Dr Doug Cawthorne, we understood that the Greyfriars area has been highlighted as an area  to be redeveloped by the city council. Our project is to develop a scheme where the area will be regenerated like the rest of the city. The main interest we found as a group was in the large open spaces which are currently car parks. The Potential in these spaces meant we could develop the area to link the rest of the city with the town area. The great significance with the site was the finding of King Richard III inside the old boy’s grammar school. This has given the area more character and history and has got people interested in it as of recent times. The negative outcome of this redevelopment would be if the schemes that were developed would bring in casinos or large industry’s that would devalue the area.  The general consensus is to build and develop areas that promote the essence of family back into the town area.

The Council has commissioned this project with the aim of salvaging the area and the great detail of architecture on the site. They want to reinvest in the area and bring in small bespoke shopping outlets and cultural activities to link to the strong Roman presence of the city. The history of Leicester would provoke us to think about the textile industry and links to the many textiles produced in Leicester. This has been shown in the John Lewis Building featured design which is homage to textiles in the city.   Our main ideas are to bring family back into the area and to pedestrianise the area so it is safer for families to live and roam.  The ideas thought of so far is to bring in small plaza’s in which people can meet and converse and have the convenience of café’s and small retail outlets around these plazas. With Leicester’s large diverse cultures, our aim is to bring the concept of food into the area and promote the different cultures.  We as a group have tried to think of building a society and by doing so we have not alienated one set of people, we are trying to incorporate family, office space, retail and many more to bring a variety of cultures back into the city.

To investigate the current state of the site we as a group have visited it on many occasions and have started a formal analysis to find out what is missing. Our Mission is to reignite the area, bring family into the city and connect the university with the rest of the town, giving us a chance to show the diverse culture of Leicester.

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