A Photographers view of Greyfriars

As a keen photographer, going to the site has made me realise the architecture in some places are incredible. The detail in areas of the site, are forgotten because of the run down condition of many of the buildings.  The Architectural style vary throughout and with new builds and Victorian and Edwardian buildings on site, there isn’t a define character that can be seen. The Victorian and Edwardian buildings are hidden within spaces but, to stop and notice them you see more character to this forgotten vicinity. The sunlight in areas of the site is amazing when captured and I went around in different condition to see the site to see if these conditions in site would change how we perceive the area. I think the connection between the site and the way it’s built is interesting. The area is well built but it crowds over you in area and feels disserted. These photos are details in some of the areas that have an elegance that is forgotten by the age of the site, the dirt, the litter on the street and other discourage signs of a space well disserted through time.

The following images are details in the site, these are being catalogued to aid us in our design and also reference to in future use. The reasoning for the catalogue is to restore the area with these details and really show the rest of the city that the potential the area has.

To keep with the blog I will be posting throughout the project more photographs of the site and details. I think the views seen show a different view of the site and hopefully give insight to the site that isn’t always seen. These photos have really helped investigate the site in showing the variety and complexity of the architecture and the use of space. Using these photos also as analysis to draw and to capture an essence of the area, for several weeks, we as a group have been to site several times to survey and to gain more insight to the area. Doing so with the information collected we are producing a 3d model that we can then convey are design ideas through.  Some of the selected photos used are from the group outing to site, and show the detail that was picked up. In the group myself and other members also enjoy photography and it is interesting to see what we all see through the lens of a camera, each person expresses something new about the area and also what they are trying to see. Here are the photographs taken for this weeks blog.

By Dipesh Mistry

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